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Public Speaker Scott Hoh

Do you belong to a service organization, a club, a business group, a church or a senior center that is looking for an entertaining program speaker? The First Amendment guarantees free speech, but Attorney Scott Hoh guarantees an entertaining speech for free! Call today to learn more about his work as a public speaker.

Speaking Opportunities

Attorney Scott Hoh's law practice specializes in real estate, estate planning, and small business matters. Scott is also an adjunct professor and teacher of Constitutional Law for Albright College in Reading, PA, and he is an amateur historian and writer. His presentations are full of humor, interesting facts, and historical references that may be new to an audience.

Scott has a unique and entrepreneurial background, working for local and state government, serving as a private practice attorney, operated a business brokerage firm, and continues to be involved as a landlord and real estate developer. He also serves on various nonprofit boards and civic organizations and is in the early research stage of writing a book that examines the founding of our country by exploring the first four Presidents of the United States and the role played by their spouses.

Scott is involved in urban revitalization and stabilization strategies, but he and his wife Sue and six-year-old son Emmett live on a small farm outside of Reinholds, PA. He serves as both a "Town" and "Country" lawyer and has many interesting anecdotes, historical tidbits, and practical and common sense advice that is entertaining for audiences of all ages. Call today to learn more about the speaking opportunities he offers.

Public Speaking

Our Programs

The following programs are entertaining, lively and offer valuable information to your members. Presentations can be modified to fit your program, from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

The Genius of the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution

Understanding Our Legal System and the Role of the U.S. Supreme Court

Preserving Your Legacy

Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney and Caring for Older Persons

Protecting My Family

Top 10 Legal Mistakes and Actions to Protect Your Loved Ones

Business Legal Check-Up

The 100 Point Legal Checklist for the Successful Small Businesses

Real Estate Investment Profits & Pitfalls

A Guide for PA Landlords & Investors