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The Historical Swanona Mansion

The Law Offices of Scott G. Hoh's main headquarters are located at the historic James H. Carpenter Swanona Mansion in the City of Reading's Centre Park Historic District. The owners of the building are Scott and Dr. Ruben Flores. The Law Offices of Scott G. Hoh will also be opening an Adamstown, Lancaster County field office later in 2016. That office will serve Northern Lancaster County (Cocalico School District - Denver, Stevens, Reamstown, Adamstown, Reinholds, Blainsport, PA) and Southern Lebanon County.

Tour this Architectural Masterpiece

The main Swanona Mansion was built in 1891 by James H. Carpenter, the founder of Carpenter Technology Corporation (previously a Fortune 500 Company). The main mansion is nearly 9,000 square feet large and is built in a Queen Anne/Italianate style. The rear carriage house, which now has three apartments, still even has the original elements for horse-drawn carriages. The property served as a personal residence for the Carpenter family. Attorney Hoh and Dr. Flores purchased the property in February 2014.

The main mansion now includes 12 offices, a grand salon reception room, two large conference rooms, and one small conference room, a kitchen/break room, and multiple bathrooms. It is also fully ADA accessible. The property also includes 18 off-street parking spaces, so it is very convenient for clients and visitors to park and meet at our office. The building acts as a shared office professional building. The attorneys and other tenants each operate their own business but are able to take advantage of shared office amenities, a common telephone receptionist, beverage and coffee service, and other shared services.

One-Stop Shop for Real Estate Services

One goal of the Swanona Mansion is that comprehensive and coordinated real estate services can be provided at a single location. We currently feature eight different options, including:

  • Attorney Scott Hoh (Serving as a Real Estate and Probate Attorney)
  • Attorney David Beane (Has a Boutique Law Practice that Concentrates in Environmental Law)
  • Attorneys Gregory Ghen and Gary Dorsett (Practicing Family Law and Involved in the Selling of Homes During Divorce
  • Landscape Settlement Services (Providing Real Estate Settlement Services, Property Searches, and Title Insurance)
  • Acre Mortgage and Office Manager Leo Harvey (Providing a Broad Range of Residential Mortgage Products)
  • S & S Equity, Inc. (Providing Apartment Management Services and Managing More than 300 Rental Units)
  • Garden Hills Investments & Flores Properties (Also Managing a Portfolio of Apartments)
  • Reading Renovations, Inc. (Providing Construction Management and Rehabilitation Services)

We also work with several realtors and brokers. The Swanona Professional Building has a reputation for providing comprehensive "one-stop-shop" real estate services.

The History of James H. Carpenter

The story of James Henry Carpenter is fascinating. He developed an interest in sailing ships growing up on Long Island Sound, and he served as a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy. A fighting sailor during the U.S. Civil War, he was wounded in action. It was during the Civil War that the first ironclad ships saw military action, and Carpenter developed an interest in munitions, torpedoes, iron plating and armaments. After the Civil War, Carpenter traveled to Europe to study steelmaking. He was drawn to Reading (partly at the invitation of the Reading City Council) due to the availability of forges, a skilled workforce, natural resources such as iron and coal, and the system of railroads and canals that made Reading an industrial powerhouse.

Some of Carpenter's first contracts were with the Navy Department to build steel plating and munitions. At the time he built his mansion, which he names "Swanona" (or "the Swan") in 1891, he frequently walked from his home to the factory which was about one mile away. Today, Carpenter Technology has thousands of employees and is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized and high-grade steel products for the aerospace, automotive, and defense industries. James H. Carpenter passed away, likely from pneumonia, at his beloved Swanona Mansion.

The property is also rumored to have several ghosts living at the mansion. In fact, the current owners are experiencing issues with the alarm system tripping and lights turning on and off for no apparent reason!

Swanona Events

A new Swanona Mansion website is under construction. The building is also a location for receptions, cocktail parties, fundraisers, lectures, and other events. The building will be on the Centre Park Christmas Tour in December 2016, and other events are planned throughout the year. Please check the new website for a full listing of events.

If you would like to schedule a tour of the Historic Swanona Mansion, please call (610) 374-5841 today.