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Estate Planning


What actions must you take when a loved one passes? What do you do if Mom or Dad died without a will? Is it true that a large part of the estate will go to the government due to high inheritance taxes?

When a loved one passes, call the Law Offices of Scott G. Hoh, your compassionate, and efficient estate planning lawyer in Reading, PA—we will guide you through this difficult time with the reading of the will and other services you need. Our fees are generally lower, which helps preserve more of the estate for intended beneficiaries.



The Law Offices of Scott G. Hoh cares about our clients' well-being. Too many estate planning lawyers rush through estate planning but fail to explain documents and why provisions are worded in a particular way. We provide comprehensive estate planning—all for a flat fee of $550 for an individual, $850 for a couple. Unlike other law firms, we are willing to make house calls.

When you work with an experienced estate planning lawyer, you are purchasing peace of mind. You will know that every question has been reviewed—and if something unexpected were to happen to you tomorrow, you have the security of knowing that you and your family are protected.

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Life Stage Estate Planning

Planning for Married Couples

It is critically important to develop an integrated Estate Plan for husband and wife to accurately reflect the needs and goals of each family.
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Planning for Elder Care & Assisted Living

Everyone ages and most people will require a higher level of care at the end of their life.
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Planning When Single Again

When someone becomes a widow or widower, or in the event of a divorce, that person is suddenly confronted with a number of lifestyle care decisions that they may not be prepared for.
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Preserving Real Estate

For many Americans, their personal residence is one of their largest financial assets. Some farms and homesteads have been in families for generations.
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Protecting Young Families & Grandchildren

Wills and estate planning are not just for older clients. When a young family has a newborn child, it is strongly recommended they adopt a Will.
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Planning for Blended Families

For lots of different reasons, the traditional nuclear family is not the norm and different blended family groupings are very typical.
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Planning for Active Retirement

They say that 60 is the new 50, 70 is the new 60, 80 is the new 70, etc. I sure hope that is true! Some people age well and remain very active in their 90's.
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Wealth Preservation for Peak Earning Years

Many seniors, but not all, earn the most amount of income in the years leading up to their retirement.
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