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Mom & Dad At Home - How to I Help Them During COVID-19

Posted by Scott Hoh | Apr 08, 2020 | 0 Comments

Hello All:

My parents are my heroes.  They are 85 and 86 years young.  I admire their resiliency and zest for life.  I wish I could bottle what they have. My wife, son and I are stuck at our small farm in Northern Lancaster County.   Under Pennsylvania's shelter in place orders, we should only go out for emergency purposes.   While my parents indicate they are fine, I so much want to help them.  I'd like to buy groceries for them.  I'd like to go and mow their grass.  Just would like to have some real life personal contact with them.   My brother-in-law Dan has a father who is in his 90's and is at an assisted living facility.   It was his Dad's birthday, but he couldn't visit him.  He did bake a cake and dropped it off outside so a nurse could pick-it up.   There are lots and lots of families with similar stories.  As an attorney, we are trained to take action and the most frustrating part of the COVID crisis is staying at home and not being able to interact directly to help others.  I know for the greater good and to stop the spread of the virus, everyone has a duty to stay in place.  That does not make it any less frustrating. 

Many of my clients are in the same boat.  Middle aged children now are in a caretaker role and want to repay the care they received from parents by caring for them when they need us the most. 

I have had to reinvent my law practice in a hurry and incorporate new technologies and connect with clients in a virtual world.  I'm an old-fashioned guy when it comes to technology.  A handshake is much more meaningful to me than a text message.  I'd rather give Mom and Dad a hug than post some funny story on Facebook. 

If you are concerned about how best to help an older parent or family member who may be in isolation, feel free to reach out to me.  If there is a concern about emergency Estate Planning, we can prepare a Will, Trust, POA, Living Will and our Comprehensive Estate Plan (CEP), and do all of this virtually while everyone stays at the safety of home.  If you need help, please give me a call. 

We'll all get through this together.  Can't wait to give Mom & Dad a hug in person.   

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