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Planning When Single Again

Planning When Single Again

When someone becomes a widow or widower, or in the event of a divorce, that person is often devastated and is suddenly confronted with a number of lifestyle, financial planning and basic care decisions that they may not be prepared to navigate. It is often not necessary to Probate a Will upon the death of the first spouse, but our law firm provides help and guidance in transferring financial assets, processing life insurance claims, etc. In situations in which one spouse was the bill payer and managed all household financial matters, it may be necessary for family members and other professionals to jump in and help the surviving spouse manage their finances. The death of the first spouse can affect the amount of monthly retirement income. In some instances, a widow or widower many need to update their Will following the death of the first spouse. In the event of a sudden and sad life change in which after many years a person finds themselves single again, our law firm is here to provide all the help that is necessary so that someone can get back on their feet or receive the level of care they deserve in their retirement years.

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