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Scott Hoh


Scott G. Hoh has long been a member of the Reading community, and he remains deeply passionate about this beautiful and welcoming region. Prior to launching his career in law, he graduated from Albright College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He briefly left the Reading area to attend the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he obtained his Master of Government Administration. He then enrolled at Temple University's James E. Beasley School of Law. Upon obtaining his Juris Doctor, he returned to Reading and established his own law firm. Additionally, Scott Hoh returned to his alma mater—Albright College—and became an adjunct professor. Whether he's shaping a new generation of professionals at Albright College or serving community members through his law firm, Scott Hoh's passion and legal knowledge is always evident.


Scott G. Hoh prides himself on his excellent and always affordable legal services. His law firm is known for its common sense solutions and reasonable fees. He is also known for his thorough understanding of all matters involving probate, estate planning, estate administration, real estate, and business law. Whether you are currently in the midst of forming a business or struggling to prove the validity of a will, you can count on Scott Hoh for reliable legal counsel. If you require legal assistance and hope to work with a lawyer with an excellent reputation, consider getting in touch with Scott G. Hoh. He will patiently guide you through PA's confusing legal system and ensure that your case is resolved satisfactorily.

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